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Mains supply: 230V, 1620W, 50/60Hz
Tank for watersoluble material: 2,5 L
Max. temperature: 100C
Dimensions in mm: W 750 x D 500 x H 680
Net weight: 28 kgs


Tank with stirrer
Additional small heated pot for watersoluble material
Inbuilt Wachs-Welder with metalbrush

Optionals, not included:

Compressed air supply, min. 6 bar (87 psi)
Ultrasonic bath or magnetic stirrer

Consumables, not included:

Silicone rubber to make moulds.
Solution to dissolve the cores out of Aqua-Plast
in the ultrasonic bath or magnetic stirrer.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

We have developped another considerable facitlity for the jewellery industry: Until now it has been impossible to manufacture
hollow wax parts in one piece.

Two rubber moulds are required to practice the Aqua-Plast System. One is needed to make the core of Aqua-Plast, the second is the mould with the design. A core made of the water-soluble material is put into the second mould and the wax can be injected around as usual. The core of Aqua-Plast is then washed out of the wax piece with water and citric acid solution. It dissolves within a few minutes and the almost hollow wax piece is ready for casting.
This process is very uncomplicated and does not require much attention.

thinn + lightin one piece

The Aqua-Plast System requires a special wax injector with stirrer and auto-clamp. The appearance of Aqua-Plast is very similar to conventional injection wax. However, the two materials have nothing in common. Aqua-Plast is very viscous and retains its shape after its injection. Stirring the material is very important to prevent the sedimentation of the various filling materials.

Aqua-Plast is environmentally safe and complies with all general safety regulations.

We are ready to demonstrate this new technic in our company
and giving you the best offer we can.
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