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ALGO-REDUCT POWDER is a product derived from vegetable material. This material shrinks as it dryes out, thus reducing the moulded parts maintaining every detail of the counture. Through the shrinkage the moulded countures actually appear to be even more detailed.

Features: ALGO-REDUCT POWDER shrinks and hardens within 12 to 24 hours depending to the size. This compound scales down the piece to approx. 40 %. It then resembles a metal model while corrective shaping is still possible. All details are precisely conserved in the reduced scale. The powder has to be mixed with water to a pulpy mass and then squeezed it into the mould. Allow a setting time of 4 minutes, remove carefully from mould and clean the parts.
Well suited for figured parts, also for coins, not to thin plates etc. in the jewellery production. Not suitable for filigree and very thin plates and not for pieces bigger then 7-8cm.

Packaging unit: Box 150g / Other sizes on request.

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